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Freespee: Finalists For The ICMA Technology Award!

"The award aims to highlight the key tech players in our industry."

9 May 2018, Danielle de La Bastide

Happy days! Freespee was voted as a finalist for the Technology award at the ICMA (International Classified Marketplace Association) Innovation Award ceremony held in Vienna, Austria last week. 

Adrien De Malherbe, our VP for Marketplaces, presented on how the Freespee platform enables marketplaces to better serve their buyers and sellers. 

Notably, Freespee stood out as the only company out of twelve that was a provider (offering services to other marketplaces). It’s an honour to have been placed so highly next to in-house developed technologies!

More about the Technology award via ICMA’s website:

“Virtual insanity” – Technology award – for most revolutionary tech implementation

The award aims to highlight the key tech players in our industry. Advances in Technology that created more efficiency, cost effectivity and have provided firms with an invaluable reach to clients and customers is what the jury will be looking for. This section is also open for service providers.

Thank you to the ICMA judges for our award!

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