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How To Set Up Call Tracking In Google Adwords

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Google AdWords shows the number of phone calls generated by PPC ads. It is a vital tool in any digital advertiser's arsenal, here's why.

23 August 2018, Danielle de La Bastide

Call tracking in Google AdWords is a match made in heaven, to achieve peak tracking prowess the first thing you need is a Google AdWords account and a few planned campaigns. AdWords call tracking shows how many users called your brand via a PPC ad. It works either by using a call extension number or by using a dynamic phone number. Dynamic phone numbers allow tracking down to the keyword that triggered the call.

Learn more about dynamic phone numbers here

This technology is attractive to digital advertisers because it helps brands understand how their online advertising is driving calls using the dominant Google search engine.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Sign into your Google AdWords account.
  2. Enable auto-tagging. 
  3. Create analytic goals for calls, this means setting up a process which matches all calls from Google SEM longer than 30 seconds or whatever time frame is chosen.
  4. Import these goals into your AdWords account. Once the goal data becomes available in your AdWords account, any imported conversions data will appear alongside your existing conversion data on a conversions page. All the benefits of conversion tracking in Adwords, such as enhanced CPC (cost-per-click), is applicable here, and here a phone call is a much more relevant goal than, for example, a landing page visit. It’s important to note that this kind of analysis can only be done with dynamic numbers.

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