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Why Home Services Need Data Visualisation

data visualisation

In multi-location enterprises it can be difficult to know where customer data is arriving from, that's where data visualisation comes in.

8 May 2019, Danielle de La Bastide

Home services like exterminators, home/auto repairs, landscaping and plumbing will always be in demand and impactful conversations are a revenue driver in these types of businesses.

Why? Because more often than not customers are in urgent need of assistance and the way these interactions are handled can make or break a relationship in very little time.

Thanks to inbound marketing efforts spanning multiple channels, calls are coming in from varied touchpoints and locations – knowing the context of every conversation beforehand is a game changer.

In high-stress situations, like a broken car windshield or a leaking pipe, which prompt communication with service-based businesses, a quick response full of relevant information creates a positive lasting impression.

Data visualisation is the key to creating this type of environment. Visibility in this instance means a view of where the customer data is coming from through a dashboard, whether it be from social, paid or organic traffic, campaign-based or print advertising.

From this point, data can be organised into segments and prioritised based on urgency, query or location with an easy-to-use system.

With a more detailed understanding, agents can create a personalised experience for a caller. According to Customer Think, “there is 60 per cent more revenue when companies take personalized customer service more seriously.”

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