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Freespee Talk

Give your agents an edge with the contact centre app that brings the online customer journey direct to your sales agents in real time during the call, and even before your agent answers.

Freespee Talk extends the online buying experience to the call centre, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of sales conversations. By preparing sales agents, prospects have a better calling experience, and more sales are converted.

Talk is a contact centre app running on an agent’s PC or Mac without the need for expensive telephony infrastructure. Call queues are managed in the cloud and can be instantly scaled up or down to meet variable demand. Sales agents can attach valuable information to calls, such as lead scoring and sales outcomes.

Customer-Centric Experience

  • Automatically route calls to the right queue or prioritise leads based on their online context.
  • In real-time, show agents the caller’s web activity, lead source, and contact history for better, targeted sales conversations.
  • Sales agents can attach valuable information to calls, such as lead scoring and sales outcomes.

Empower Distributed Teams

  • Your sales teams can work anywhere, at any time.
  • Monitor call waiting times, queues, and agent activity in real time.
  • Analyse contact center efficiency using call activity, queue performance, and sales conversion reports.

Reduce Costs

  • Replace expensive telephony infrastructure with a cloud-based solution that makes and receives calls on any PC.
  • Instantly scale up or scale down to meet variable demand.
  • Continuously improve your call handling processes through your online dashboard.

Freespee Mobile SDK

Freespee Mobile SDK lets developers build innovative apps that give buyers and sellers a richer, more streamlined experience that increases customer loyalty.

Developers can enhance and extend your Android and iOS apps with voice, SMS, and all the communications capabilities of the Freespee Platform.

  • Using Freespee Talk as inspiration, bring sales phone calls and the customer’s online journey into the mobile apps your sales teams use.
  • Build innovative apps for your customers. Give buyers a richer, streamlined experience and increase customer loyalty.
  • Let your developers rapidly integrate workflows between your internal systems, websites, and the powerful communications device in every customer’s hand.