Conversational Commerce: Turn 97% of your traffic into a sales conversation

In the 21st century, our communication habits are changing faster than any other period throughout history.
We now know the 4 big messaging apps boast more active daily users than the big four social media platforms. However, this trend shift has only been seen in the past 12-18 months.
Heres what 2014 looked like:
Source: (Comscore)
Source: (Nielsen)
And more recently, 2016
Source: (Statista)
And Overtime

Source: (Business Insider)

Messenger uptake is directly affected by how easy it is to facilitate conversations
Mobile had so much success in the first place because of text messaging.
The familiarity of texting drives efficiency, with a strong desire to get from A to Z in the least amount of steps.
WhatsApp hasn’t been so successful because it had 1000 features, it was successful because it allowed friends and family to have groups of conversations where the history could be seen. It was text messaging 2.0.

We are multi tasking across media types
We’re willing to embrace anything if it lets us have a conversation with each other through multi-media & channel as long as its in real-time and convenient.

The psychology of social is playing a part
Facebook have released a study which shows we are now much more concerned with our posting behaviour on social media and we are going out of our way to edit or delete posts we are about to post. The care free days of sharing and posting what we want has now reached a point where we no longer feel comfortable sharing certain information in a public forum. Social media has become the centre for how we wish our lives to be viewed by our wider social circle, not a private sharing amongst friends.

Messaging facilitates privacy, ease and instant gratification
Messaging offers a new “more convenient” way of sharing information with certain groups of people. Sending a picture to a set of friends in a group is very different from posting it on Facebook for everyone to see.
Messaging apps have offered us a new way to have complex or simple conversations that are private or open in an easy to control environment where the user can be relaxed.

So where do brands stand in this conversation?
Easy, we should be less worried about our advertising (1-way monologue) and care more about how we offer our customers the opportunity to have a real-time two-way conversation with us.
Depending on the source, companies see an average 3% conversion rate on their site. This means that at the least 97% of your website traffic arrived, browsed and then left.
What if your marketing team offered chat, messaging, email, click-to-message, click-to-call, and was able to manage and personalise every inbound call. What kind of effect would that have on the website conversion rate?

Will “conversion rate” even exist by 2020. Will we care more about “conversation rate”.
The question we should all be asking ourselves:
How can we turn the remaining 97% of our website traffic into a sales conversation?

The Quiet Swedish Company Whose Software You Probably Already Use

This is a translation of an interview with Carl Holmquist, Freespee co-founder & CEO, published by Mimi Dilling from DI Digital on 1st January, 2017
“We got off to a false start at the beginning”, Carl Holmquist, CEO and co-founder of Freespee
When Carl Holmquist and Tobias Lindgren founded communications platform Freespee six years ago they initially met with considerable resistance. Now the company is attracting venture capital and major customers.
An ‘old’ approach to web-based customer communications saw online customers managing their own buying process with little interaction with the vendor. Freespee founders Carl Holmquist and Tobias Lindgren saw an opportunity to make it easier for brands and consumers to communicate and drive superlative customer experience.
“We were hitting our heads against a brick wall when we started talking about this six years ago,” says Freespee’s CEO Carl Holmquist. “Back then, everyone thought the Internet was self-service, but that’s simply not true. Customers are just as loyal to online stores as they are to physical stores; the only difference is that if companies are unable to provide a good customer experience online, it’s very easy for the customer to take their business elsewhere.”
Freespee has flown somewhat under the radar so far and has even been described as an obscure Swedish company . Few people know who the founders are, despite the fact they have acquired a huge sum of SEK 143 million in venture capital. This means it is more than likely that online shoppers will have encountered their software.
Freespee’s technology sits on top of the sales systems and customer systems of client companies, handling communication between them and their customers. One of its functions is to help companies answer their customers’ queries through platforms such as live chat, email and over the phone.
Read this article (in Swedish only) for more information: Swedish Freespee brings in SEK 90 million – “We are anonymous” 
“It’s like when you’re waiting for the train and it turns out to be running late,” says Holmquist. If the train operator doesn’t let you know, you get really irritated. The train might arrive at any time, which means you can’t leave the platform. But if you’re told that it’ll be leaving in half an hour, you can go and buy a coffee or something while you’re waiting,” says Carl Holmquist.
Last autumn, the Uppsala based company obtained a total of SEK 90 million from French venture capital firm Ventech and from their current owners SunstoneCapital (NTL) and Inventure (NTL). It also landed a host of major customers, such as JLLeBayBNP ParibasLloydsBank, the Marriott hotel chain and car giant FiatChrysler.
“And whether you’re a customer waiting for a train, sitting in a telephone queue or waiting for a response to a live chat, the communication about what to expect is pivotal to a customer’s experience,” continues Carl Holmquist.
“It’s like when you decide to call up a company. Rather than the website telling you that there’s a seven minute wait, you call them and make your way through the voice prompts before being told how long you have to wait. Why didn’t they just say so straight away, you can’t help wondering. This is something that could ruin a customer’s experience.”
“The problem here is not that the company doesn’t want to talk to you. They love talking to customers. As long as they’re talking to you, they’ve won because they’ve created a customer relationship.”
According to Carl Holmquist, 98% of visitors to a company’s website leave without buying anything. This is a problem that companies are only just realising exists and want to address; assistance from Freespee is just one of the ways they are trying to deal with the issue. Thanks to this trend, the company has grown so much that it now employs 40 staff and has offices in London, Barcelona, Paris and Cologne. But Freespee was not an obvious success from the outset.
“We got off to a bit of a false start at the beginning. We thought we could solve all the problems associated with communication between our customers and their online visitors. But such problems can vary hugely from organisation to organisation, and that’s where we dropped the ball. Fortunately, we were able to remedy this when our investor Sunstone came on board in 2012.”
Aided by this autumn’s capital injection, the company will continue to develop its software by exploring artificial intelligence-based features. Freespee is also considering expanding into the United States to get closer to US customers who are already using the company’s service on the European market.
“We now know exactly what we are doing and things are really starting to take off. We’re at the heart of the ecosystem for enabling new consumer behaviours,”declares Carl Holmquist.
The original article in Swedish can be found here:

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You are invited!

Dear future teammate…

You are invited to be an integral part of Freespee’s growth. We will be bringing in leading european brands, taking great care of them, creating amazing apps and features, and much more.
Bring your skills, creativity, knowledge, enthusiasm, and fun attitude.
The rest is included!
Please respond ASAP to:

Welcome To The New Support!

We always strive to provide superior support and those are not pretty words we just say. We truly value the relationships with our customers. In Freespee, we are lucky to have engaged, creative, and informed customers. On average, 70% of the tickets we receive come from customers who want to understand how to use Freespee better, who make feature requests, or enquire for new setups, ideas etc.
Support is not only about fixing customer issues or helping out with complex setups.
Keeping our eyes open and having daily conversations with our customers have helped us stay ahead and never slow down the development of new features and improvement of existing ones. Some of our best ideas came, in fact, from customers feedback, requests and needs!
Today we are reaching a milestone in Support: we are making our communication with customers, partners and friends even easier moving forward by introducing the new
The new home of Freespee Support is the place where all of our customers can refer to when they want to access tickets, get help from the community and look at FAQs. All of this, directly from the Freespee dashboard.

Freespee Support can also be reached from the footer on and of course directly via To be able to comment on articles or create tickets you will need to login using the same details as you use for Freespee Analytics.
We’re adding an additional service introducing our Knowledge Base including FAQs, Product updates, Tips and Tricks, Developers documentation and much more. Everything in one place.
Welcome to the new Freespee Support 

In the new, unified Support platform you can get access to a lot more than our help desk only.
Regardless of whether you need to place a ticket or would like to read an article, our new support platform is your one-in-all solution for this.
Do you need to add a ticket? Simply start typing the issue that you’ve stumbled upon, and all related topics from the Knowledge Base will appear instantly. See example below.

This functionality not only enables you to find the answer to your question a lot quicker, but also get additional information and useful tips and tricks.
Plus, you no longer need to log into our dashboard to follow up on support tickets. You can now reply directly from your email. Easy.
All that matters here is how useful you find all of this. So please – visit Support and let us know your thoughts.

Midsummer celebrations at Freespee office

It’s time for Midsummer, one of the most important holidays of the year in Sweden! That means that tomorrow, June 21, Freespee team will be off enjoying strawberries and pickled herring in the mesmerizing light of the “white night”. We’ll be back on Monday though, ready to continue serving you with mobile advertising magic!
Happy Midsummer from the Freespee team!

Photo courtesy of David Svensson


Say Hi to Alena and Love

Today we are excited to introduce two new members of the rapidly growing Freespee team. Love will be doing some PHP magic as a part of our dev team and Alena will be building the sophisticated Freespee community in her role as a community manager. You can read their stories below and make sure to check out our job board for open positions – maybe you are our next amazing colleague?
Alena Rybik | Community & Customer Service Manager
Alena first got her feet wet with online communities about five years ago, and was caught for life. Since then she has been building and managing thriving communities for Goodbeans and Massive Media, to name a few. She has a wide knowledge of European languages and a truly international background, having lived and worked in a number of different cities in the recent couple of years. She is passionate about startup culture, open source, web development and social media.

Love Toborn | Developer

Love began freelancing as a web developer during his university studies and has continued working on different projects within the area since. He got experience from affiliate marketing, online gaming and search result analysis.
Except from both frontend and backend development, Love is also very interested in online marketing and e-commerce. In his spare time he often produces various kinds of electronic music which rarely turns out as they’re supposed to.
Welcome Alena and Love, we are happy to have you on board!