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Category: Conversations

2 mins

The Art Of Breaking Through Customer Communication Barriers

Conversations through technology have come a long way, the space contains both personal and professional interactions. When it comes to customer relationships, our approach to communication seems to lack much-needed personalisation. A border can form between customers and agents made… Read More

2 mins

Anne de Kerckhove: How I Maintain Balance In Business

Our CEO, Anne de Kerckhove, shares her thoughts on growing a business with multiple teams in different countries and striking a balance despite geographical distance. Managing teams remotely across borders This is an exciting time for team building. Thanks to the… Read More

4 mins

The Future Of Marketplaces: Vik Barodia, eBay/Gumtree

Vik Barodia has been Head of Motors at eBay/Gumtree for close to three years, with this position he has garnered a front row seat to the current digital revolution hitting both marketplaces and the automotive industry. We had a few questions… Read More

5 mins

An Interview With The Brains Behind Our Product And Operations At Freespee

Product, engineering and operations are our backbone; these teams have helped propel Freespee into a front-running position within the conversational commerce arena. The last few weeks has seen the introduction of new faces and features to our community and platform…. Read More

3 mins

An Enlightening Interview with Freespee's CTO Niklas Malmgren

“It took three years behind the wheel of a taxi to realise I wanted a career in tech.”

3 mins

A Conversation With Carl Holmquist, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

We sat down with Carl to discuss whether AI can really benefit customer experience, how to build a tech business and the future of Freespee.

2 mins

Women in STEM: Catching Up With Front End Developer Lisa Hjärpe

There is still significant headway to be made when it comes to women participating in the STEM space, but we’re inching closer. According to a survey of over 14,000 professionals from HackerRank, the gender gap for women learning to code… Read More

3 mins

Women in STEM: Interview With Cloud Operations Engineer Alaa Rahimi

Freespee: Hi Alaa! So tell us more about what you do for Freespee? Alaa: Hi. In this position, I am responsible for managing our cloud infrastructure, contributing to the expansion of our telco network, while helping developers and support in the… Read More

3 mins

Q&A With Alice Lamy: Freespee's Resident Data Analyst

Data analysis is defined as a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. At Freespee we process and manage a significant amount of data from our significant… Read More

4 mins

Q&A with Carl Holmquist, Freespee’s co-founder

Our co-founder & CEO Carl Holmquist talks about Freespee’s journey and its growth plans following the €9.25 million investment, led by Ventech. SB. Freespee’s journey has helped accelerate the emergence of the relatively new but powerful category of ‘conversational commerce’… Read More

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