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4 mins

The Future Of Marketplaces: Vik Barodia, eBay/Gumtree

Vik Barodia has been Head of Motors at eBay/Gumtree for close to three years, with this position he… Read More

5 mins

An Interview With The Brains Behind Our Product And Operations At Freespee

Product, engineering and operations are our backbone; these teams have helped propel Freespee into a front-running position within… Read More

3 mins

An Enlightening Interview with Freespee’s CTO Niklas Malmgren

“It took three years behind the wheel of a taxi to realise I wanted a career in tech.”

3 mins

“Do people really want to speak to robots?” A Conversation With Carl Holmquist, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

We sat down with Carl to discuss whether AI can really benefit customer experience, how to build a tech business and the future of Freespee.

2 mins

Women in STEM: Catching Up With Front End Developer Lisa Hjärpe

There is still significant headway to be made when it comes to women participating in the STEM space,… Read More

3 mins

Women in STEM: Interview With Cloud Operations Engineer Alaa Rahimi

Freespee: Hi Alaa! So tell us more about what you do for Freespee? Alaa: Hi. In this position, I… Read More

3 mins

Q&A With Alice Lamy: Freespee’s Resident Data Analyst

Data analysis is defined as a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of… Read More

4 mins

Q&A with Carl Holmquist, Freespee’s co-founder & CEO

Our co-founder & CEO Carl Holmquist talks about Freespee’s journey and its growth plans following the €9.25 million… Read More

3 mins

Q&A with Freespee co-founder & CTO Tobias Lindgren

Monday 7th November was the day the news broke of our series B investment where we raised €9</strong..25… Read More

2 mins

COO Speaks – Why should a phone call matter to Digital Marketers?

My mood as a shopper changes every week. On some days, I am well researched and I know… Read More