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Category: Freespee

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Freespee Hackathon 2018 Round Up

Freespee’s hackathon at our Uppsala, Sweden office was a resounding success, it was our second attempt at a coding marathon, but this time our staff members built a product around a specific goal – speech to text. Speech recognition is… Read More

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How To Use Call Tracking For Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing sectors need each other to stay steps ahead of their buyer base. One purpose of marketing is to coerce leads down the funnel quickly until they finally land on a salesperson. Accelerating that process is up to… Read More

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The Top 10 Metrics For Call Tracking

In this data-driven world, it can be hard to manage the large amounts of customer data streaming in and out of your enterprise. Marketers that bunch call data in with clicks are sorely missing out on a lucrative measurement. According… Read More

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A Few Types Of Call Tracking For Marketing

In an age where we speak to AI systems called Alexa and Siri, the expectation is that this kind of process will transfer to consumer service. Instead, calls are the new frontier in consumer communication. Why? Because humans still want… Read More

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Freespee’s AB Tasty Integration: Get More Insights Into Your Call Data

If a better understanding of your core audience is the goal, then testing all possible options to make a website user-friendly and improve conversions is a great first step to take. Leading conversion rate platform AB Tasty is very good… Read More

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Freespee: Finalists For The ICMA Technology Award!

“The award aims to highlight the key tech players in our industry.”

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Want To Recover 81% Of Lost Sales Opportunities? We Know How.

Missed calls are missed sales opportunities, stop hurting your bottom line by not reengaging.

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