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Category: News

3 mins

A Brief Look At Customer Loyalty In The Insurance Industry

Interacting with customers and maintaining their loyalty is something insurance companies are battling in our age of big data, how can they achieve this? According to Accenture, “first movers with strong brands and customer bases can gain a sustainable competitive… Read More

2 mins

Your Inbound Leads Suck And How To Fix Them

Outbound marketing is easy, it’s about the chase, mass emails and cold calls. Inbound leads can be a little more difficult, how do you draw them in? Yet when they do arrive there is a tendency for marketing teams to… Read More

2 mins

Phone Calls: How To Close This Gap In Lead Management

Phone calls are arguably the black hole in lead management. Why? Because calls are now the highest converting lead source for most businesses, yet a large number of companies are still putting funding into digital advertising without an idea of… Read More

2 mins

5 Common Mistakes Made When Updating Call Centres

In customer-facing businesses, when a prospect decides to call, it’s usually because they are looking for help and an informed voice on the other end. Call centres that can meet these requirements need the software that can keep up with… Read More

2 mins

How Complex Should Your Segmentation Be?

Too much segmentation is as bad as too little In an age of big data analytics, real customer intelligence depends on having manageable datasets to analyse, rather than too much irrelevant information that may drown you. According to McKinsey’s “Unlocking… Read More

3 mins

7 Ways To Have An Impactful Conversation With Your Consumers

These days, consumers arrive from an array of digital channels during the path-to-purchase journey, but more often than not there is a moment when human interaction is necessary, especially when something goes toes up or for larger purchases such as… Read More

4 mins

How Workflows Improve The Consumer Experience

“Whatever we do must be in accord with human nature. We cannot drive people; we must direct their development,” – Henry Gantt. The idea of workflows has been around for decades and presently pops up everywhere in commerce. Henry Gantt,… Read More

4 mins

What We Learned About Feedback From Online Marketplaces

These days feedback goes beyond the online marketplace and is prevalent in most consumer-based businesses. Its evolved from a single channel to multiple forms, including SMS which has become a leading source of survey, making it even easier to gather relevant data for customer management.

2 mins

Why Buyer And Seller Trust Is A Vital E-Commerce Metric

Success for these centres of e-commerce means a keen awareness of metrics beyond the monetary, but more in the operational structure and how it creates an environment of mutual benefit for brand, buyers, and sellers.

3 mins

Press Release: Freespee Appoints New CEO And CFO

New appointments serve as part of wider on-going global business strategy and development

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