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Tag: Call Center

2 mins

The Difference Between Call Tracking And Call Intelligence

Click-to-call has changed how we approach customer phone calls, they are more than just a conversation, these interactions contain data that when applied right can add specificity to every move marketing teams make. Call tracking and call intelligence are the… Read More

2 mins

What Is Call Whisper And Why Do You Need It?

Whisper messaging or Call Whisper is a customisable feature found in cloud communication software. Whispers are voice messages played at the beginning of a customer call. It can lay out a quick caller context for the agent so that they… Read More

2 mins

5 Common Mistakes Made When Updating Call Centres

In customer-facing businesses, when a prospect decides to call, it’s usually because they are looking for help and an informed voice on the other end. Call centres that can meet these requirements need the software that can keep up with… Read More

3 mins

IoT And Call Centers: The Current State Of Customer Interaction

Now call centers are called contact centers and agents are tackling more data than ever before. We can partly blame this phenomenon on IoT, (Internet of Things). What is Internet of Things? The ubiquitous IoT means a network of physical… Read More

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