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Tag: calls

1 min

This Is The Most Popular Channel For Luxury Buyers

Approche Sur Mesure group (ASM), the French Customer Service Centre specialising in luxury brands, recently published the 2018 benchmark of their 70 luxury and premium brands using 2,746,898 contacts. Standing out from their data is the fact that despite e-commerce… Read More

2 mins

These Call Metrics Can Help Contact Centres Reach Their Goals

Customer expectations are changing as we move into a primarily omnichannel way of doing business. Calls are still a vital line of communication but they are arriving from multiple ports. That’s a lot of data to collect. Currently, callers only… Read More

3 mins

Want To Recover 81% Of Lost Sales Opportunities? We Know How.

Missed calls are missed sales opportunities, stop hurting your bottom line by not reengaging.

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