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Tag: Freespee Numbers

2 mins

Phone Calls: How To Close This Gap In Lead Management

Phone calls are arguably the black hole in lead management. Why? Because calls are now the highest converting lead source for most businesses, yet a large number of companies are still putting funding into digital advertising without an idea of… Read More

2 mins

The Meghan Markle Effect: Luxury Brand’s Call Volume Skyrockets

The Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have cost over £30 million but its expected to generate much more than that even now. The previous nuptials of Kate and William in 2011 brought a reported £2 billion… Read More

1 min

Pay Per Lead (PPC) in the UK

After a 3 hours meeting with one of the most successful search engines for real estate in the UK, I realize that UK is the European answer to US in terms of performance based marketing. The performance based business model… Read More

1 min

By the way…

We wrote a couple of very large contracts the last 3 weeks. During this time, I had more contact with legal councils than with my family… Both will use Freespee Apps as well as build their own Freespee API driven… Read More

1 min

How a Freespee number helped a car rental service

A week ago one of our customers, a nation wide car rental service, were looking at their call stats from their market spending in Yellow pages. They were very satisfied with the volume of received calls, but the number of… Read More

1 min

Track Local Listing for all advertisers!

Freespee is currently implementing Freespee Numbers to all Local Listing Advertisers in a selected European country. This is done for the largest Local Search engine in the specific country. And yes, a Freespee Number to every advertiser in the entire… Read More

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