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Communication Platform as a Service

Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) simplifies the development of communication solutions and the integration of key functionalities into any application service or business process from digital to physical.

CPaaS solutions enable applications to integrate or leverage communication functionally, including call control, speech recognition, SMS, MMS and video among others.

CPaaS solutions are open and easy to use, making them available to a wide range of applications and developers.

Freespee is the enterprise-grade CPaaS for B2C businesses.

The CPaaS (communication platform as a service) market is estimated to expand from nearly 800 million euros in 2016 to nearly 8 billion in 2021 according to the IDC (International Data Corporation). This jump is indicative of the massive dependency we now have on mobile technology and the cloud. Today’s consumer demands more options in the ways they communicate with businesses beyond the humble phone call and their experiences must be the best.

Though this may sound like an overly-technical term, CPaaS is about building up a company’s communication arsenal. Platforms must be geared towards integrating multiple solutions into one application or business process, including call control, speech recognition, SMS, MMS and video among others.

CPaaS companies are attractive because of the programmable function they offer to developer teams. The framework is integrative with real-time features that require no additional construction and usually come in the form of an API (application programming interface) to prevent an overhaul of existing infrastructure.

These features aren’t married to each other either. Programmers can pick and choose which they’d like from the code crop, creating a more affordable option for smaller B2C enterprises. Larger ventures can use CPaaS to customise their stack to stay ahead of the S-curve.

We are entering the age of digital context and how we interact in consumer-facing businesses will need to become more specific and above all seamless. CPaaS offers a low-cost, malleable solution to help companies stand out and keep their consumers satisfied.

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