Freespee Customer Story

Schibsted Media Group

“Freespee offers the perfect solution to tie the online with offline as our type of customers tend to call for complex medical condition policies.”
Esteve Jane, Head of Business Development - Motors, Schibsted Classified Media

"Schibsted is a multi-national classifieds company that is present in 22 countries with $1Billion in revenue, more or less. It has generalist sites and vertical sites, for jobs, real estate and motors. In Schibsted Spain, we are the number one in all these markets.

Our previous vendor that was providing tracking to our professional users was not able to differentiate [between] sites and they couldn’t attribute the leads to a specific ad. Freespee allows us to track the users and the ads, so we have user level attribution. That means that I can say that yourself called [about a specific] car, from which site and from which vendor.

So we are [currently] testing three [Freespee] products - dealer reviews, lead scoring and ‘call me back’.

Dealer reviews allow you to attach a postcode to a dealer to understand the quality of service so you can rank them and we can educate [the dealers] to be better in their next approaches to clients.

The second one was ‘call me back’ - many times the dealers are busy so they don’t take the calls and we need to make sure that every client gets an answer from the dealerships, so it’s a system to allow that.

And the third one that creates the most value is to score the leads - to understand how warm or cold these leads are. We do that by the number of calls [the caller has made] and the kind of ad that they are looking at."

Jacobo Gonzalez Castrodeza - Strategic Business Developer - Motors, Schibsted Classified Media

"Regarding the implementation of Freespee - it was a huge improvement that we have in our relationship with our customers - professional customers - because we noticed a huge impact in the way that they are managing the [phone leads] and we really get an improvement in the way that they work and in the relationship that Schibsted has with the dealers.

We [also] really improved the way that we are managing the data related to the call. We have opened a new way of working with our dealers and sharing their activity in"

Jonathan Lindqvist, Product Director - Motors, Schibsted Media Group

"One value is that now we can track things in the correct way. Before we had a system that was not fully functioning. Now we know more [about] the real data behind, so it’s more clear what value we create for the dealers.

Another thing I really enjoy working with Freespee is that they are really hands on, they are really on top of things and I just don’t feel like they are a provider - they are a collaborator, we work very closely together, so that’s also one thing I really appreciate working with Freespee."