Dynamic Numbers vs Static Numbers

Unlock the true potential of your data with Freespee Dynamic Numbers.

Dynamic numbers are unique phone numbers assigned to each individual visitor and displayed on your website or in a marketing campaign, changing in real-time with each unique use. These numbers allow you to accurately track individual website visitor session data, giving you a detailed picture of the leads that you are getting from your website and your campaigns.

Organisations can track calls with Static numbers, ie. one number in an advert for a campaign, another number on Social Media etc. Each of these numbers provides basic insight into the source of the calls but won’t track unique user journeys.

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: dynamic numbers vs static numbers

How do Dynamic Numbers work?

We assign a unique phone number per user or campaign (which remains consistent throughout the user journey) on your website. Once a call is made by a visitor, it allows us to attribute and report the session information unique to them, a specific search engine, web page, campaign or any other source all in real-time.

Each time the visitor returns to your website or initiates a conversation, their activity is added to their user profile to give you a complete view of their journey.

Dynamic numbers vs Static Numbers

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: dynamic numbers vs static numbers

Why call tracking with Freespee Dynamic numbers is better than regular Static numbers

It improves the visibility you have over the visitor’s journey from research to purchase.

It gives you the number of incoming calls generated by a specific website or campaign – which takes your analytics and segmentation to an entirely new level.

It assists you with a local presence. With dynamic numbers, it will automatically present the phone number for the correct location.

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