Freespee Abandoned Call Notifier

39% of leads drop the call before talking to your agent.

Complex self-qualification processes and long waiting times drive nearly four in ten prospects to abandon their call. Poor communication workflows are a major source of revenue leakage.

Freespee Abandoned Call Notifier automatically notifies agents when a call is abandoned and sends an SMS inviting the caller to schedule a callback at a convenient time.
Abandoned Call Notifier

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: abandoned call notifier

Why choose our Abandoned Call Notifier?

Agents can re-engage prospects that abandoned the sales process due to a poor communication experience. Freespee automatically sends agents an email showing the prospect’s online journey. This sets agents up for a more targeted and successful sales conversation.

Make your prospects feel valued. Replace negative experiences with positive actions, by proactively engaging with your customers. When prospects drop a call, send them an SMS to arrange the best time to call them back.

Don’t let abandoned calls be a waste of your marketing budget. Build tailored and personalised communication workflows to re-engage them. Delight prospects by automatically scheduling calls at times that suit them
and plug the leaks in your sales funnel.

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: abandoned call notifier


Keep all your activity updated across all your third party tools in real time.

  • Reclaim missed sales opportunities.
  • Monitor and understand why prospects abandon calls.
  • Improve customer experience

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