Freespee Call Broadcasting

Increase call pick up rates with Call Broadcasting.

Ensure a team member is always available and maximise sales opportunities

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: call broadcasting

Broadcast incoming calls to a group of agents simultaneously to increase pick up rates.

  • Reduce the number of missed and abandoned calls.
  • Incentivise sales by ensuring all team members receive the incoming call at the same time.
  • Improve the call experience of your customers without having to change the setup of your telephone system.
Call Broadcasting

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: call broadcasting

Why choose Freespee Call Broadcasting?

  • Route callers to the right agent based on their online journey
  • Prioritise high-value callers in real-time before the call connects to the agent, to give them the very best service and to maximise revenue
  • Improve sales acceleration and avoid customer frustration at busy times for your call centre agents

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