Freespee Feedback

Freespee Feedback helps improve customer experience and keeps prospects engaged by instantly asking for feedback.

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: freespee feedback

Meet customer expectations head on with instant feedback

73% of buyers said customer experience was an important factor in their purchasing decisions. (PWC)

All too often, customers find companies make the buying experience frustrating and painful. So they buy elsewhere.

You can improve the customer experience by being proactive. After speaking to customers, ask them to rate their experience ad reach out if they are unhappy.

Freespee Feedback automatically collects customer feedback after calls, using personalised SMS messaging and feedback prompts.

Freespee Feedback mobile

Freespee data sheets: freespee feedback

Freespee Feedback

Automatically send callers a text straight away. Show you care about their experience. Give them clear and friendly feedback opportunities before they forget.

Simplify your feedback process with a single integrated feedback system. Avoid the delays and customer confusion from using multiple, third-party feedback systems.

Gather the most valuable insight for continuous improvement by collecting feedback instantly.
Respond immediately to help repair any negative experiences.

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: Freespee feedback

Why choose Freespee Feedback?

  • High-quality customer feedback
  • Streamlined process that is easy for callers and for you
  • Immediate response to positive and negative customer experiences

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