Freespee Predictive Routing

Create communication experiences that generate more engagement and sales results. By anticipating your caller's intent, you could reduce average handling time by up to 40% and see nearly 50% boost on the conversion of service-to-sales calls.

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: predictive routing

Anticipate your callers’ intent

Freespee Predictive Routing helps you manage your inbound leads more intelligently, quickly connecting callers with the right agent. Freespee analyses data from the caller’s profile and online context to predict their intent. Callers are then automatically connected to the right team without the need for an IVR, reducing delays and abandoned calls.

freespee data sheets: predictive routing

Why choose our Predictive Routing feature?

Identify and prioritise your calling prospects. Create tailored
communication workflows that improve customer service and sales acceleration.

Ensure all prospects get connected to an agent. Simultaneously distribute calls to multiple team members or cascade to agents in a predefined sequence.

Improve lead management and empower your sales and customer service teams. Automatically route calls to the right destination faster and equip your agents with tools to create more targeted and efficient sales opportunities.

How does Predictive Routing work?

Predictive Routing work

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: predictive routing

Why choose Predictive Routing

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales & retention
  • Prioritise high-value calls and lead management efficiency

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