Salesforce Integration

Close the Sales and Marketing loop.

With Freespee’s Salesforce integration all inbound and outbound call activity is automatically logged into Salesforce.

Companies gain complete visibility over the sales cycle and can easily identify which marketing activities are driving sales and the revenue associated to them.

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: Freespee Salesforce Integration

How does the Freespee Salesforce Integration work?

Freespee Salesforce Integration - How it works

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: Freespee salesforce integration

Benefits of the Freespee Salesforce Integration

  • Real-time access to all prospect and customer activity data directly from Salesforce.
  • A better understanding of your sales funnel by connecting offline activities with online journeys.
  • Automatic accurate data logging that enables your sales agents focus on what it’s important.
  • Closed-loop marketing and sales reporting in one place.

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