Freespee Segmentation

Deliver personalised customer experiences: from campaign kickoff to final purchase stage.

By creating communication workflows tailored to each of their audience segments our customers see 43% less missed calls and 28% less abandoned leads

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: freespee segmentation

Create a more targeted lead generation strategy

With Freespee’s Audience Segmentation you can create tailored communication workflows to:

  • Engage your callers from first interaction to final purchase stage.
  • Increase the consistency of your campaigns by tailoring your messaging and communication workflows to fit your audience segments.
  • Create dynamic digital profiles with both visitors’ online touchpoints and their offline activity history, by using criteria such as URL parameters, call details or device used.
Freespee Segmentation online and offline touchpoints

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: Freespee segmentation

Create audience segments with purpose

View how past traffic matches your new segmentation criteria and which traffic is likely to create an impact in the future, before the segment is activated. Optimise both marketing campaigns and call routing workflows based on these powerful insights.

Freespee Segmentation with purpose

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: Freespee segmentation

Why use Freespee Segmentation?

  • Better lead management: prioritise high-value callers and transfer them to the right destination based on their digital context.
  • Reduce missed calls: by creating personalised workflows, our customers have decreased missed call by 43%.
  • Improve customer experience: create tailored communication workflows for every audience segment ensuring greater engagement, loyalty and sales results.
  • Predict callers’ intent: segment your audience based on their online journey and automatically route calls to the right agent, removing the need for IVRs.
  • Reduce abandoned calls: our customers saw 28% fewer abandoned leads by connecting callers with the right agent faster.

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