Freespee Speech Analytics

Convert your callers’ spoken words into text and paint the full picture of their intent.

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: speech analytics

Why use Freespee’s Speech Analytics?

Freespee Speech to Text captures keywords from phone conversations to help companies understand and predict callers’ intent. Calls can be tagged and linked to a user journey, which not only validates the intent prediction, it also helps attribute calls that are missed or abandoned.
Speech Analytics

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: speech analytics

How does it work?

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: speech analytics

How are we different?

  • Runs on Google AI - Google Natural Language Processing (NLP) supports more languages than any other NLP project
  • Global reach - Speech Analytics is built into Freespee’s customer communication solution, which is fully scalable and can be deployed within minutes anywhere in the world
  • Highest accuracy - the phone call output is added to the online journey and call data analysis to provide the most accurate caller intent prediction
  • Ready to use application - with ready-made call categories and keyword templates that can be activated within minutes

Why choose Speech Analytics?

  • Validate intent prediction settings - segment your audience based on their online journey behaviour, use speech insights to validate and improve your segmentation and lead management rules
  • Reach 100% correct attribution - combine audience segmentation and call insights to attribute calls, including missed calls
  • Optimise your operational activities - minimise low value calls by improving online marketing messaging to allow agents to focus on high value callers
  • Create improved lead management strategies - use call insights that prioritise revenue driving leads by creating tailored workflows for sales and service calls

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