Freespee Workflows

Create communication workflows for each audience group and improve conversions, loyalty and brand experience.

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FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: freespee workflows

Poor communication workflows lead to revenue loss

  • 50% of callers abandon

  • 12% of calls are never answered

FREESPEE DATA SHEETS: Freespee workflows

Custom workflows to fit your audience needs

Most companies don’t have a view of who is calling or the online context during a call. As a result, companies are forced to use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions to route calls, which result in over 50% abandonment.

Freespee Workflows enable companies to connect callers with the right agent faster, all while providing a personalised communication experience.

Why activate our Workflows?

Workflows are a set of predefined rules that create custom communication experiences based on the caller’s online context and calling history.

Freespee Workflows can prioritise high value leads, automatically re-engage abandoned leads, auto-confirm booking appointments or transfer calls based on geolocation.

Freespee data sheets: freespee workflows

Benefits of using Freespee Workflows

Create workflow experiences utilising multiple channels such as voice, email or SMS.

Connect callers with the right team faster and reduce the number of abandoned calls by 28%.

Our customers experience 43% fewer missed calls when creating custom workflows.

Set up workflows to prioritise high-value callers.

Remove IVR processes and connect callers to the right team/person faster

Create workflows to re-engage callers that were missed or
abandoned due to a poor experience.

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