Monitor, manage and personalise communication experiences for your customers

For your desktop web, mobile web and apps

Marriott Hotels use Freespee to have full visibility and control over all inbound direct bookings.

A proven platform for marketers to improve customer experiences


We've built a platform that lets you view every customer conversation. Gain visibility over the channels your customers are talking to you through.


We place every conversation in to its digital context and then feed your entire marketing stack. Deliver impactful marketing and advertising communications.


We give you the power to control every conversation through predictive analytics, segmentation attribution, and messaging automation.

Discover the cloud

Control every call and text conversation through your desktop web, mobile web and app

With the Freespee cloud, you are now able to create communications and actions that target these channels to create sales opportunities and improve the customer experience.

The conversation cloud powers three product segments

Experience Management

Improve your brand's experiences by influencing the conversations

Data Management

Deliver data-driven communications based on real-time interactions


Reporting and analytics that help you understand customer behaviour

Discover how to use the Freespee cloud with our use cases

Conversation Attribution

How to measure every conversation that is generated from marketing on or outside the website.

Lead Management

How to prioritise customers to specific sales agents based on behaviour to improve customer experience.

Abandonment Recovery

How to recover customers who abandoned their call to a sales agent before it connected.

Lead nurturing

How to shorten the sales cycle by providing sales agents with purchase intent data.

Marketplace comms

How to control the conversations taking place between buyers and sellers to influence the sales process.

Fraud prevention

How to prevent customers from receiving unsafe calls or messages.

Digitas LBI

"I am happy to recommend Freespee, they are an essential partner for us in our LATAM lead acquisition strategy. Their conversation cloud is a critical component in how we analyse and plan our advertising campaigns alongside tailoring the communication experience of our customers."