We believe

We're on a mission to make digital business human

Why we are here

We have built a real time conversation cloud for marketers that places every phone and text conversation into its digital context. Marketers use Freespee to monitor, manage and personalise the communication experience of every conversation taking place through their desktop web, mobile web and mobile Apps.

How we came to be

In 2009 two software engineers started Freespee as they knew the phone call was a valuable touchpoint in a brand’s customer experience but saw its management and outcome was missing from the marketing stack.

How we grew

Since then, the company has grown to work with multinational enterprise brands across the world in 50 countries. The solution has evolved in to a real-time conversation cloud that encompasses calls, sms, forms and app messaging. And the company has grown to encompass over 50 talented, intelligent people who share the vision.

Everything we do is built on improving communication. Marketers need to take control of their customers conversation channels to be able to modernise and optimise their customers experiences

Carl, CEO & co-founder

We make products and decisions every day around how we can help our clients communicate with their customers, it drives what we build and how we can improve future conversations between brands and customers

Tobias, CTO & co-founder

Scale, Agility, Speed

We build solutions for marketers that give them the power to challenge the status quo.


We help you personalise the experience of every customer through complete understanding of their behaviour.


We enable you to deliver communications that influence every customer to act.


We are straightforward to get started and integrate amongst your marketing stack.

These are our products

Products that help brands have a 1:1 conversation with their customers

Experience Management

Improve the communication experience between your brand and your customers

Data Management

Feed your solutions and deliver communications that generate sales


Attribute marketings influence to your customers conversion channel.