Freespee provides you with attribution and reporting that lets you understand every conversation

"Freespee has played an essential part in Bupa Latam’s multi-channel digital marketing strategy, especially in our Paid Search initiatives where it helped us to identify insights & new segments to connect with in our campaigns."

Digitas LBI

Designed for data driven Marketers

Freespee cloud analytics is the world's most advanced platform for viewing and analysing every real-time conversation with your customers. The depth and accuracy of data offers brands complete understanding of their customers behaviour across their digital and offline journeys.

Advanced analytics for brands who need marketing attribution in a format that lets them make immediate decisions to improve their customers experiences. Freespee gives you advertising attribution analytics that can be used or shared to uncover truly actionable insights in the platform or inside your marketing stack.

Analytics solutions

Desktop, Mobile & App

Measure every conversation through your website

Conversation Intelligence

Create custom reports and dive into your data

Insight automation

Automate impactful reports straight to your inbox

Third-party marketing

Analyse every call made outside of your website

Marketing attribution

Evaluate your marketing efforts for data driven marketing decisions

Drag & drop dashboard

Create a custom interface for every user

An intuitive analytics platform that provides value for marketers, product owners and sales teams

  • Monitor and analyse campaign performance from digital and offline channels
  • Attribute every conversation to its advertising source
  • Create and automate custom reports for your users based on ownership and roles

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For marketers passionate about customer insights

Freespee analytics is a platform built on data intelligence. Together we can help you analyze and measure how your organisation globally communicates with your customers