Data management

Deliver high-performing customer communications through any solution with freespee data

"The Freespee conversation cloud has been instrumental in allowing JLL to manage and nurture inbound lead opportunities. Assessing and achieving great performances is an essential part of our B2B digital marketing strategy."


We help you integrate your data across your marketing stack

Use Freespee cloud data with your advertising solutions to target your audience profiles with influential messages that nurture your customers through the purchase funnel.

Integrating your conversation data into your marketing stack is the easiest way to empower your advertising campaigns and understand your customers on a whole new level. Freespee analytics places your customer conversations into their digital context and Freespee data allows you to access these customers inside your marketing stack for analytics and targeting.

Data management solutions

Integration apps

Feed your conversation data into your entire marketing stack to improve your customer communications.

Segmentation apps

Automate segmentation of your website traffic through filters and rules

User webhook

Deliver data to your application when you need it

Connect and automate your customer communications

  • Target and retarget your high value audiences based on customer behaviour
  • Create custom automation rules that shares data or delivers automated communications
  • Created automated segmentation filters to manage your audience profiles

Next steps: Analytics

Together we can help you send customer centric communications

Create personalised targeted messages in your marketing stack based on conversation data that is served in real-time.