Experience Management

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"Freespee has played an essential part in Bupa Latam’s multi-channel digital marketing strategy, especially in our Paid Search initiatives where it helped us to identify insights & new segments to connect with in our campaigns."

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We help you create exceptional customer experiences

Create stronger relationships with your customers by influencing every phone call and text message through your desktop web, mobile web and App.

The Freespee experience cloud enables you to have visibility and control over your conversation channels. Manage, personalise and optimise the communication experience of every customer through automated communications and actions.

Solutions that are designed to delight every customer. Make your conversational channels more engaging and customer focused by taking control of the experience.

Experience management solutions

Customer Messages

Deliver automated communications to your customers to improve their experiences.


Prioritise specific customer profiles to ensure you never loose your high value audiences


Empower your customers to schedule their calls when it's convenient to talk

Sales Messages

Deliver automated communications to your sales agents with buyer insights to increase sales.


Route calls to multiple agents ensuring your calls are answered and you never lose customers.

Voice comms

Improve staff knowledge, awareness and call back intelligence


Deliver impactful automated messages containing data driven personalisation.

Predictive routing

Improve customer experiences through predicitve call routing

Spam control

Protect your customers from fraud and identity theft

Solutions built to delight customers and give marketers the power to control these non-accessible channels

  • Monitor and control these currently non-visible communication channels
  • Use predictive analytics and automation to prioritise high value customers through the purchase funnel
  • Recover lost customers and sales opportunities

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We remove communication barriers for marketers

Tap into these conversational channels to reach your customers and staff with messages, automation and insights to challenge and improve customer experiences.