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Find - The impact of technology on the automotive brand/dealership relationship

Freespee Finds: The Impact of Technology on the Automotive Brand/Dealership Relationship

Find out the 4 main reasons why car brands are only 40% satisfied with their lead management.

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Out of sight, out of mind: the issue with lead visibility

Re-think the business model or improve the technology solutions supporting it?

Connecting different systems to map out the customer journey

Middle of the road is never the best place to be: embracing the partnership is the best way forward


“As ever, there is an inherent belief, within salespeople, that a centrally generated sales lead is not as good as the one that they have generated themselves. I strongly disagree, because if a customer’s gone to a website and said, ‘I’m interested in having a test drive in this car,’ it couldn’t be much better than that.”

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