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App-based Talk(ing)

Provide the call experience customers want

Talk is the flexible customer communication software that uses digital profiling to make it faster and easier for customers to talk to your sales and service teams.

It doesn't need to be complicated

Communication software providers offer 40-year-old tech for onboarding callers, like IVRs. As a result, many businesses lose 50% of their callers during the first 30 seconds, even before they are connected. Talk offers the type of customer experience callers expect.

The new customer communication software

Freespee Talk offers an on-demand call center solution that delivers the type of experience your customers expect.

You can now create dynamic visitor segments using real-time contextual and buying intent data.

Personalise call journeys with dynamic workflows based on segment criteria to eliminate abandonment in the IVR.

Freespee Talk offers elastic scaling so you can grow or decrease your seat usage as and when.

Game changing customer experience

  • Identify buying intent by analysing your visitor’s journey from first to last click.
  • Combine with segments and workflows for automated call assignment.
  • Agents can take/make calls directly in our app and view real-time data on the caller’s digital profile and browsing history before the call is connected.
  • No hardware, no landlines. All you need is an internet connection.

Talk Features


Contextual insights

View each caller’s digital profile, alongside previous conversation history and their calling details before the conversation starts.


Contextual routing

Build dynamic visitor lists based on their digital profile and customise their journey with prioritisation and assignment workflows.


Personalised messaging

Trigger personalised messaging to callers who abandon and agents who miss calls, encouraging re-engagement.


Manage teams

Monitor team status in dashboards and individual KPIs in the desktop app to improve performance and caller experiences.