Insights & Analytics

Understand the revenue impact of customer conversations


Use Freespee to successfully attribute every call or text conversation and it's outcome back to the visitor for analytics and targeting.


Real-time monitoring in personalised dashboards, push reporting to your email inbox or consume Freespee data in third party reporting tools.


Use Freespee to analyse and implement content, design and A/B test strategies that convert more visitors into calls, messages and purchases.

Freespee makes marketing teams better at work

We empower marketing teams to drive revenue growth by including phone calls and messages in their conversion toolbox.

See what's working across your paid and organic campaigns

Start building your visitor’s digital profile from the moment they arrive, giving you a 360 vision of their intent pre- and post-call. Visitor level attribution allows you to drill down to keyword, creative, source & media success.

What works for different devices?

Visitors behaviour differs depending on the device they are using. Use Freespee to monitor and implement device specific CX strategies.

Real-time workflow feedback

Dashboard widgets allow you to see Freespee Workflow successes, such as number of callers recovered from the abandonment recovery workflow.

Unleash the value of customer conversations

100% data accuracy

A global automotive brand used Freespee integrations alongside 2 alternative solutions. They found our data 100% accurate, compared with 50-60% accuracy from the competition.

Native integrations

Our extensive integrations library allows you to stream data into over 40 third party solution providers to support your sales and marketing tools, with one-click implementation.

Custom integrations

Use the API or Freespee webhooks to build custom integrations which feed your visitor's digital profiles and conversational data into your native applications.