Oracle Eloqua

Get more out of Oracle Eloqua with Freespee

Stream Freespee's visitor level data into your Oracle Eloqua account, where it can be used in your Orchestration Canvas to analyse every step in the buyer journey.

Marketing & Reporting
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  • Visitors and associated conversation data are added to your Orchestration Canvas as Custom Objects.
  • If an existing Custom Object is detected (ie if a customer’s email address is already in Oracle Eloqua), Freespee creates a new Custom Object.
  • The data will automatically be linked to a contact when a matching email address is found.
  • Custom Object records can be used to filter Contacts for remarketing, follow-ups etc.
  • Call date and time
  • Call status (answered or missed)
  • From phone number
  • Call duration
  • Email address
  • Eloqua campaign ID
  • Source media
  • Source name
  • Freespee Call ID


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