Pipeline Deals

Get more out of Pipeline Deals with Freespee

Automatically stream visitor and website analytics data into your customer's CRM records within Pipeline Deals, providing sales agents with a detailed overview of the customer's digital and offline journey.

Pipeline Deals
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  • When a visitor arrives, their browsing data is fetched by Freespee. When they place a call, their call data is also collected.
  • In the same instant Freespee searches the Pipeline Deals account for the caller’s phone number.
  • If a record exists with the phone number, the data about the call and the website history is added as an activity to the record.
  • If there is no match, it can a) create a new record or b) store the data for future use.
  • If b) Freespee will continuously check for a new record entry that uses the phone number and if it finds it, Freespee will add the website data retroactively to this record.
  • Call data
  • User journey


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Check out our documentation for detailed help on setting up Pipeline Deals.

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