Visitor Segmentation

The world’s first platform to use digital profiling for automated routing and personalised messaging.

Segment your web visitors & app users

Create dynamic visitor segments based on their digital context.

Every visitor profile is captured in real-time

As soon as a visitor arrives to your web or app, Freespee builds a complete profile for segmentation and targeting.

Create unlimited visitor segments

Create unique visitor segments based on data points like media source, online browsing history, location, device, cart content and more.

Personalisation for each segment

Use hyper-targeted segments to route and prioritise calls, with targeted messaging to influence your customers to act.

Analyse performance

Monitor how specific segments are performing in real-time, with insightful metrics to facilitate easy decision making.

Game changing customer experience

The world's first customer communication platform allowing you to personalise routing and messaging using unlimited digital profiles.

Become the master of your data

Segmentation improves lead management and CX by letting you get closer to your customers with granular dynamic lists and targeting.