Widget API

Build and customise beautiful dashboards

Building enterprise-level monitoring and reporting dashboards for call and SMS conversations is time consuming and delays time-to-market.

Use the Widget API to cut down development time to clearly illustrate conversation KPIs.

Extensive widget library

Freespee gives you the tools to build responsive native dashboards for web and mobile, with minimal development time.

Access an extensive widget library, allowing you to build dashboards for the monitoring of messaging and phone leads.


  • Build native monitoring dashboards in hours rather than weeks.
  • Elastic computing scales up and down instantaneously with your usage.


Simplify call and SMS monitoring and reporting with our range of graph widgets

  • call_length_distribution
  • calls_per_day
  • calls_top_attributions
  • daily_call_distribution
  • average_calls_per_user
  • call_durations
  • call_totals
  • missed_calls
  • unique_callers
  • geographic_origin
  • top_customers_by_calls