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Enhance call tracking data with Explore, through segmentation, dashboards and reporting.

Success Story

"Freespee has enabled us to double our conversion and to completely rethink our customer journey following the rate of calls according to their digital footprint"
Marc Stefani, Digital Performance Manager AXA


Make informed decisions using data insight and intelligence. Enhance findings from Track & Map and Explore the behaviour of callers.

User Segmentation

Segment visitors to your website or app based on similar browsing behaviour or identifiers (for example, their device or geolocation). These groups of potential customers, or existing customers, can then be used for further analysis of caller behaviour. If integrated with your marketing stack, the behaviour of your segments can be used to optimisation paid advertising campaigns by feeding conversion data back into your tools.

Visitors can be segmented by any number of contextual data, including Geolocation, UTM Code, Source, Medium, URL Visited and Device.

Once your calling visitors have been segmented, these groups can be used to customise the caller journey using Freespee Engage’s predictive call routing workflows. This feature gives you the flexibility to automatically route or prioritise callers depending on their browsing or call behaviour to give them the best experience.


Enhance campaign optimisation with call data by integrating Freespee with your marketing tools. By making use of all the data at your disposal, you can improve the success of your marketing campaigns.

In the (unlikely) case that Freespee is not integrated with your tool of choice, use the Webhook to build your own custom integration/s.

Visualise your call data

Visualise the behaviour of your callers in the Data Studio with user level tracking. Using automated call tagging and segmentation based on browsing data, understand why your customers are contacting you, what is happening during conversations and what triggers customers to convert.

User-level tracking can also be used to build personas of callers to better understand your audience and their behaviour.

Freespee API

Use our open source REST API to build custom widgets inside your dashboard. This is perfect for your brand if you want to visualise something specific that is not typical and have your own development resource.

Benefits of Explore

Find out why customers are contacting you.

Find out what triggers customers to convert.

Find out what is happening during conversations.

Your customers want to talk

Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents.

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