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Build your own workflows for voice and SMS communication with our API

Freespee REST API

Freespee provides a REST API (Application Programming Interface) that gives you the building blocks to solve messaging and phone problems in your native applications.

As a developer or product manager, you want to build and verify ideas in hours or minutes, rather than 6-12 months. With the Freespee API you can add SMS or phone services to your business application in minutes instead of months, with only a few lines of code.

You will also be able to make use of the fully featured and 100% customizable UI Graph framework, for accelerated development of dashboards in your native applications.

Programmatic SMS

Send SMS directly from your application or platform to re-engage customers automatically based on pre-defined rules. For example, if a mobile caller decides to abandon the call before it is picked up, you can use the API to send a re-engagement SMS and encourage the caller to schedule a callback. The API can also integrate with third-party platforms to trigger, for example, automated SMS booking notifications at pre-set times to reduce no-show rates and help you fill open appointments when cancellations happen.

Programmatic Voice

Build call tracking and analytics services natively into your application with the Freespee API. This gives you access to your own pool of unique phone numbers which allow you to track calls down to user level.

Platform Management

As a product owner, you may want to be able to add messaging and voice services to your application in order to control communication between your users. The data can then be passed into your existing dashboards to provide insights into user and call activity, whether the call was answered or missed and conversion rates, down to individual user level.

Email notifications can be enabled, to encourage users of your application (such as automotive dealerships) to follow up on leads. These notifications contain the browsing history of the caller and help your users manage their inbound leads.

Developer Resources

The Freespee API allows third-party software components to communicate with the Freespee platform & communication infrastructure in a defined manner. The Freespee API is bi-directional, allowing you to POST/PUT instructions to the Freespee cloud, or use GET to extract information from the Freespee cloud. Communicating with the Freespee API is fully encrypted using HTTPS and you get your own unique API key for consuming the API services.


Build white-labelled SMS and voice applications.

Add SMS and voice features to your existing applications with a few lines of code, and build tailored solutions that fit your unique requirements.

Manage any Freespee platform resources from a third party environment, like segment usage, workflow usage, account creation/deletion, voice recordings and more.

The Freespee API uses elastic computing and scales up and down instantaneously with your usage. It currently manages more than 1,000 requests per second.

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