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The first ever contact centre app 100% powered by customers’ online activity.

Customer Story

“Freespee Talk takes care of the entire customer conversation process, giving us rich data on their browsing and intent, so the only thing left for the agents to do is speak to our customers.” Sean McMahon, CRM Digital Solutions Manager, Belron


Freespee Talk creates a dynamic environment that significantly accelerates sales.

Predictive call routing for 100% lead transfer

Track callers’ online journey and identify intent before the call is connected. Segment visitors using dynamic digital profiling. Automatically transfer calls using predictive routing and remove the need for IVRs. Replace legacy IVR solutions that result in 50% abandonment within the first 30 seconds.

Power human conversations with AI/Data Intelligence

Real-time display of call source, caller web activity and contact history including conversations in other channels or notes added by previous agents. Add notes during or after the call that can help the call progress faster. Make the call experience efficient for your customers.

The Contact Centre solution for distributed teams

Set up Talk in just a few minutes – get a computer to make and receive calls. Enable your team to be mobile and work from anywhere. See agent and queue activity status in real time. Get advanced reports in queue, call and agent activity to keep workloads under control

Marketing attribution and reports

Attribute all leads activities to marketing efforts and ROI. Create advanced reports to understand behaviour and identify trends Use data to improve contact centre performance

Keep your audience engaged

Send personalised messages to keep communication consistent when calls cannot be picked up. Send agents messages when missing or answering calls Send proactive feedback messages to callers after every touch point

Your customers want to talk

Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents.

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