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Platform Overview

A whole new approach to conversations

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Call To Action

Use our dynamic numbers and customisable CTAs to engage online and offline visitors in conversations instantly. Embed Freespee into your web & app to manage communication between users and teams. Give the power to consumers to choose how they want to talk to you, using whatever channel they wish. Our Javascript makes setup easy and works with all leading tag management solutions, install and launch in hours instead of weeks.

Visitor Segmentation

We are the most complete platform to use digital profiling for automated routing and custom messaging. Capture a visitor profile based on media source, online browsing history, location, device, cart content and more. Create and monitor unlimited profiles in real-time for segmentation and targeting. Become the master of your data.


Automate and personalise your customer’s journey with predictive routing and messaging workflows based on their digital context. Nurture leads with trigger SMS feedback based on caller behaviour and monitor their rating in real time via your custom dashboard. Give your consumers a voice and see opportunities develop.

Insights & analytics

Better understand the revenue impact of your conversations with our real-time monitoring in personalised dashboards. Push “morning coffee” reports straight to your inbox containing these metrics. Consume Freespee data into over 40 third-party reporting tools by implementing one of our 50+ integrations into your stack, do it all with one click.


Our native integrations library allows you to stream data into multiple third-party solutions supporting both sales and marketing tools. If you don’t find your favourite tool among these integrations, use the API or our webhooks to build custom integrations and feed conversational data into your native applications. Unleash the value of consumer conversations.

Widget API

Building enterprise-level monitoring and reporting dashboards for conversations is time-consuming and delays time-to-market. Build beautiful and customisable native dashboards with our extensive widget library in hours. Simplify and speed up call and SMS monitoring with our range of graph widgets, clearly illustrating conversation KPIs.  

Platform API

Remove the cost and complexity associated with solving communication use cases with our Voice & SMS API. The Freespee bi-directional API uses elastic computing and scales up and down instantaneously with your usage. It currently manages more than 1,000 requests per second. Dive into our API here.

Your customers want to talk

Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents.

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