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Track & Map gives you visibility over the full customer journey from campaign to contact.

Anticimex's story

The Swedish pest control giant is undergoing a period of digital transformation. Their current challenge is to bring a positive customer experience to over 2.9 million retail and commercial clients, in over 17 countries worldwide.test

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Make informed decisions using data insight and intelligence.
Enhance findings from Track & Map and Explore the behaviour of callers.

Dynamic numbers

Each visitor to your website or app will be served with a number that is totally unique to them. This is then tracked as a user event in the Freespee platform. Each time the visitor lands on your brand website after their first visit, they are given the same number, so calls can be tracked down to user level.

User-level journey tracking

Track users from their first interaction with your brand to any subsequent conversation. Each time a customer returns to your website or app and/or initiates a conversation, their activity is added to their user profile. No new visitor profile is created, meaning you receive an accurate account of customer engagement with your brand.

Automated call tagging

Automatically tag your phone calls with the acquisition source, medium and conversion data to help organise your calls to make searching and reporting easier.

Instead of manually tagging each call, the Freespee platform automatically applies the appropriate labels for you, so you have more time to analyse the valuable data.

Browsing & call analytics

Gain rich insights into browsing and call activity to improve operations. Learn which times of the day you experience high call volumes to more accurately staff, learn how long is a ‘high value’ call to your brand to increase conversion.

Channel & media insights

Discover which PPC and display advertising campaigns are driving calls. With access to source and medium data as well as specific campaign data (name or code) you can predict with more accuracy which audiences to target to increase conversion and reduce CPAs.


Unique user level tracking means you can now map call journeys down to user (not visitor) level, creating profiles for repeat callers.

Call behaviour mapping metrics.

Run better marketing campaigns by making use of all the data at your disposal, rather than a portion of it.

Lower cost of acquisition.

Channel & media metrics.

Your customers want to talk

Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents.

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