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Have full visibility and control over your leads to support your dealerships

Drastically improve your lead management and stop sending warm leads to the competition.

Trusted by companies everywhere

Improved relationship between dealerships and brands

Freespee’s platform helps you recover abandoned calls and ensure leads are brought back, while strengthening the bond between brand and dealer. The results are increased insight of every digital touchpoint online and maintenance of customer loyalty across different channels.

Have crystal clear visibility of offline interactions by segmenting callers and setting-up automated follow-ups and notifications so that no leads are lost.

Call Tracking

Establish digital context and identify which channel a caller is coming from. Each visitor to your website or app will be served with a number that is totally unique to them. This is then tracked as a user event in the Freespee platform.

Segment in real time

Capture visitor profiles in real time and prioritise calls based on car type i.e., higher value cars. Create segments from multiple criteria, including location, car type, and browsing history.


Trigger email and SMS notifications straight to a salesperson’s phone every time a call is missed. On the caller side include within an SMS feedback request CTAs.

Dealer management

Monitor communication between dealerships and leads, ensuring brand reputation is consistent across the board.


Better understand the ROI of every ad campaign by implementing our dynamic numbers into advertisements.


Freespee’s “Morning Coffee Reports” send emails straight to brands containing KPIs and caller metrics.

Group 17 Created with Sketch. Why choose Freespee to improve lead management across multiple vendors?

Improved transparency

Using Freespee’s dashboard across your dealership network enables unified communication and visibility between brand and dealer.

Quick & easy integration

Freespee can be implemented in hours, rather than weeks. This saves time and money on development costs. This makes the transition for dealers seamless.

No hidden costs

Our pricing is clearly outlined up-front, with no additional charges further down the line. We scale as naturally as you do.

Your customers want to talk

Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents.