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Freespee for: Automotive

Freespee helps car manufacturers gain visibility and control over every customer touchpoint during the buying process, with tools to optimise marketing efforts and recover and prioritise leads that ultimately increase sales conversions.

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Freespee For: Automotive

Control & trust

See every interaction customers have with your brand, from the adverts they see, to the actual purchase of a car. Centrally monitor the leads sent to dealers; see how many are answered, missed and converted. Transparently share lead data to build mutual confidence between car brands and dealers. Implement incentive schemes, with full confidence that you will see the results.

Freespee for: Automotive

Attribute phone leads

Dealers receive many leads from multiple digital and non-digital channels. Identify the leads generated by your corporate website and dealership digital assets. See which campaigns are driving leads, how many are sent to each dealer and which ones are converting. Adjust marketing activities, optimise campaigns, media purchases and the online customer experience based on data provided.
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Freespee for: Automotive

Improve lead quality

Many car brand websites include a dealer locator service and a landing page for each dealer. In most cases, a single phone number is shown for each dealer. This means high-value leads, general enquiries and support calls all come to the same person. By linking incoming phone calls to the caller's online journey you can increase lead quality and stop wasting your dealer's time.

Freespee For: Automotive

Lead recovery

26% of car sales start with a customer phoning a dealer. However, 43% of dealers never call back. Automatically follow up all missed opportunities. Help dealers re-engage leads faster by showing what the customer was looking for prior to the call to help them prioritise 'hot' leads and avoid cold-callers.

Freespee for: Automotive

Customer experience

Your customers expect an easy, quick and smooth buying experience. The path to conversion needs to be frictionless - from sexy brand advertising to booking a test drive and visiting a dealer. Keep prospects engaged and excited during the entire buying process.

Freespee for: Automotive

Attribute revenue

Connect every step of the customer journey. Attribute revenue to buying signals such as test-drives, to specific car brands and models. Identify how much revenue your campaigns are driving and how much value has been missed. Develop deep insight into where you have the best opportunities to increase revenue.

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