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Call Tracking and Analytics

How much of your revenue is driven by phone calls?

What is call tracking?

Call tracking from Freespee gives you the opportunity to show out how much revenue is generated by each phone call. Using numbers unique to each user, you can now connect a call to their entire online and offline journey.

What does this mean for me?

You can now prove the real impact of your marketing campaigns on revenue, by connecting the campaign to the person making the phone call, to the sale made by that person. You now have visibility over which campaign, online or offline, drove them to call your company, all subsequent conversations and even connect this to the offline sale.

Why is call tracking from Freespee different?

Freespee takes call tracking one step further - our unique user-level tracking displays a unique number for each visitor to your website or app. This gives you the opportunity to see all browsing behaviour and contact history connected to this customer.

Benefits of call tracking

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Identify which web visitor or app user is calling or messaging.
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Apply first click, last click or linear attribution models to discover value contribution per channel.
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Access insightful analytics into visitor activity, including phone call and messaging history.
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Personalise your Freespee dashboard for the most relevant account overview.
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Push automated reports to your inbox to keep teams updated on visitor activity.

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