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Reduce abandonment & improve pick-up rates
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Optimise consumer experience to improve brand loyalty
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AOV and revenue increase

What value does Freespee bring to customer service?

Fosters brand loyalty

Expectations of brand loyalty have changed, now consumers expect another level of personalisation. Following up on any interaction is a great step towards optimising CX. Give consumers a voice by utilising workflows to trigger personalised messaging to callers requesting feedback after an interaction or follow up on a missed call.

Eliminates the IVR abyss

A leading cause of call abandonment is leaving a prospect languishing in an IVR queue. Freespee’s call routing workflows and dynamic segmentation are based on a caller’s digital context which is collected from the moment they begin the research phase. This data is then cascaded through to the appropriate agent team who can quickly answer the relevant questions.

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Insights and analytics

Gain greater knowledge of consumer behaviour by integrating consumer data into one of our 40+ integrations, including Google Analytics. Understand what’s working across both paid and organic campaigns through A/B testing via our AB Tasty integration.

Contextual call routing

Route calls based on contexts such as geolocation, pages visited and product enquiries. Create workflows using this data to enhance personalisation.


Follow up on missed calls or conversations with customised SMS or email. Add CTAs to messages requesting callbacks, feedback or signups.

We integrate with over 50 of the world’s best technology platforms

Remove data siloes by feeding call conversion data into your third-party tools. By integrating Freespee with your marketing stack you can reduce the cost of customer acquisition and increase the chance of conversion.

Your customers want to talk

Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents.

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