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Freespee for: Home Services

Boost your marketing strategy and gain insight into the customer journey. Use conversational data from customer interactions to create targeted digital campaigns that drive leads.

Freespee For: Home Services

How can we personalise customer experiences for a multi-location audience?

Freespee is trusted by some of the world’s leading service companies to help create a personalised and efficient experience for their diverse customer base. Most service organisations have a wide range of customers, from commercial to personal, with their needs varying accordingly. By following the customer journey from media campaign to call, a digital context can be built and a prospect prioritised based on their individual need.

Freespee for: Home Services

Target using context

Build a digital context of each visitor in real time from the first interaction. Use Freespee Integration for Google Ads to detect inbound keywords used by the highest value prospect.
freespee segmentation

Freespee for: Home Services

Dynamic numbers

Embed our dynamic numbers into ad campaigns to gain clearer visibility of where the most valuable pool of callers are arriving from.

Freespee For: Home Services

Prioritise high-value prospects

Create unlimited visitor segments based on data points like media source, geolocation, browsing behaviour and more. Prioritise the prospects most likely to convert and push them to the front of the call queue.
freespee workflows

Freespee for: Home Services

Recover dropped calls

Recover calls lost in the call queue by using our automated workflows which send SMS messages to abandoning callers, encouraging them to choose the best time to call back.

Why choose Freespee to create a personalised customer experience?

Impactful conversations

In customer-facing industries, reputation is everything. Freespee helps you build personalised experiences that both maintain brand consistency and turn a prospect into an ambassador.

Quick & easy integration

Freespee can be implemented in hours, rather than weeks. This saves time and money on development costs. This makes the transition for dealers seamless.

No hidden costs

Our pricing is clearly outlined up-front, with no additional charges further down the line. We scale as naturally as you do.

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