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Freespee for: Insurance

Optimise ad spend and stay ahead of the competition. Accurately attribute media spend to call conversions and understand your prospects on a granular level, see their journey from the first click to quote request.

We work with the world's best Insurance brands


Freespee For: Insurance

How can we offer visibility into every customer interaction?

Freespee is trusted by some of the world’s leading insurance companies to help manage their affiliate networks and connect their call centre to their marketing technology stack. Everyone needs insurance, and with a large pool of potential customers who will pick up the phone to enquire about this complex purchase, prioritising callers into the right streams and recognising their position in the purchase funnel can help turn a browser into a customer.

Freespee For: Insurance

Remove the IVR

Eliminate the need for IVR by segmenting and routing callers based on their digital context, collected from the very first touchpoint. Prioritise different audiences based on how urgent their enquiry is (or their value to your business) to ensure they speak to an agent before lower value browsers.
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Freespee For: Insurance

Analyse every step

Create goals and events by automatically feeding Freespee data into Google Analytics, in order to understand how many quote requests are being generated by your marketing spend

Freespee For: Insurance

Attribute online to offline

Stream call data into any of our 50+ integrations like Criteo or Google AdWords to attribute every insurance enquiry back to its campaign source.

Freespee For: Insurance

Recover missed opportunities

Our call recovery feature sends an SMS message to missed callers, encouraging them to leave feedback or set up a better time to get a callback.

Why choose Freespee to accelerate customer acquisition?

Bridge the gap between digital advertising and offline conversions.

Using Freespee Platform, marketers are able to integrate their customer's conversation data across every advertising channel to improve audience targeting at campaign level.

Quick & easy integration

Freespee can be implemented in hours, rather than weeks, helping you save time and money on development costs.

No hidden costs

Our pricing is clearly outlined up-front, with no additional charges further down the line. We scale as naturally as you do.

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