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Lead generation

Lead generation is the powerhouse behind your business. Is it delivering as many leads as you hoped?
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What do you want to do | Lead generation

freespee lead-generation-ineffective-CTA

Inefficient Call To Action (CTA)

You want to attract visitors to your website. You want to engage and interest them so they take action. A landing page that doesn’t convert is wasting money.

What do you want to do | lead generation

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Fewer leads

The call-to-action is your opportunity to nudge your visitors to start engaging with your sales team. The phone is the most important way for customers to contact companies. It can provide a quick, human service.

Customers want convenience. A call experience that creates friction - due to restricted call times, paid-for numbers or complex call menu options - might easily stop them calling.

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Improve lead generation with Freespee


Increase inbound leads

Provide a dynamic interactive CTA button that is proven to increase click-through-rate.

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Improve lead quality

Personalise prospect’s experience by creating engagement and stickiness from the first click-to-call.


Reduce missed opportunities

Replace the phone number with the option to request a call back when agents are busy or if they are calling after business hours.​

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