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Prove the revenue driven by your marketing campaigns
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Reduce your cost of acquisition
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Shorten the path to conversion

Anticimex's story

The Swedish pest control giant is undergoing a period of digital transformation. Their current challenge is to bring a positive customer experience to over 2.9 million retail and commercial clients, in over 17 countries worldwide.

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What value does Freespee bring to marketers?

Accurate attribution

Freespee’s unique user level tracking builds data rich profiles of visitors, with browsing history, acquisition source and media (right down to display or PPC campaign) and phone call activity. Being able to connect visitors to callers, to their campaign source means you can now accurately attribute marketing spend to the campaign. Once integrated with your CRM, you are then able to attribute each marketing campaign to the customer won by your team’s activity.

Reduce CPA

Analysis of high value phone calls driven by your marketing campaigns can be fed back into your advertising platforms, helping to reduce the cost of acquisition by eliminating wasted spend.

Increase conversion rates

Once you have clearly defined the profiles of your highest value callers, why not tailor your marketing campaigns to target only those who have the highest chances of converting. Once they have decided to call your brand, use predictive routing features to prioritise higher value callers (those with a higher cost per acquisition, for example from your PPC campaigns) to specific teams or team members with specialised knowledge to increase the potential conversion.

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Call tracking & analytics

Track and map the customer journey from acquisition source to call in our easy-to-use dashboard.


Create segmentation rules to group callers based on their digital footprint (source, medium, geolocation, device, UTM campaign.) Calls are tagged with metadata automatically and segments update in real-time as calls are received.

Predictive Routing Workflows

Nurture every lead with our predictive routing workflows, automatically route callers to the right team based on their digital context.

Abandonment recovery

Recover every missed opportunity with abandonment recovery and ensure higher conversion rates. Send SMS to lost leads contains trackable CTAs for reengagement.


We integrate with over 50 of the world’s best technology platforms

Remove data siloes by feeding call conversion data into your third-party tools. By integrating Freespee with your marketing stack you can reduce the cost of consumer acquisition and increase the chance of conversion.

Your customers want to talk

Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents.

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