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Connect your network of buyers and sellers.

Your buyers and sellers are constantly on the search for the best value and it’s your marketplace’s job to provide it.

Trusted by leading marketplaces globally

Better monetise your platform, creating new product streams they can include in their offer or add to seller fees.

Your buyers and sellers are constantly on the search for the best value and it’s your marketplace’s job to provide it. What better place to start than with your communication strategy? Making it easier for buyers and sellers to communicate will increase loyalty to your platform and improve retention.

Phone CTA

Use the Freespee API to serve phone numbers dynamically for every visitor, in every advert on your website or app.

Abandonment Recovery

Send automated SMS, encouraging buyers to re-engage with sellers post-abandonment. Help sellers prioritise leads with notification emails containing content from the specific advert.

Identification & digital context

Enhance your buyer’s experience by using their contextual data to segment and route calls, prioritising calls from sponsored ads, for example.

In-call lead nurture

Whisper messages, push email notifications, contextualised with browsing content, with images from the advert they were viewing.

Retail Network Management

Monitor communication between your buyers and your seller network to ensure your brand is not damaged by poor conversation experiences.

Secure access

Improve security for your marketplace users by implementing 2-factor authentication and white and blacklists of accounts.

Freespee's marketplace clients use the Programmatic Communications platform to enable voice and SMS workflows.
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Group 17 Created with Sketch. Why choose Freespee to power your marketplace’s communication strategy?

No hidden costs.

Our pricing is clearly outlined up-front, with no additional charges further down the line. We scale as naturally as you do.

Wide range of features.

Whitelabel Freespee features inside your marketplace to facilitate better communication between your buyers and sellers.

Quick and easy integration.

Freespee can be implemented in hours, rather than weeks. This saves time and money on development costs.

Your customers want to talk

Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents.

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