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Partner Programme

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What does the Freespee Partnership Programme provide?

Freespee brings partners a new and highly valuable data source to help give the most value to their clients.

The Freespee Partner Programme offers complex, multi-channel data analysis, attribution modelling, ROPO (research online purchase offline) scoring, offline sales to online path reconciliation, contact centre agent & customer call experience and custom API usages, to name a few benefits…

So, are you interested in enhancing the value you bring your clients by integrating Freespee data into their enterprise workflows? Join our partner network to deliver additional expertise to your clients and to benefit from our dedicated Freespee Partner Programme.


Financial Benefits

Dedicated Training, Use Cases, Insights and Certifications

Free Freespee platform account and API access

Special access to our support and solutions engineering team

Joint GTM strategy & Marketing Activities, Lead Speaker on Freespee events

Join our growing network of partners

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Freespee makes it faster and easier for customers to talk to sales agents.

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