Freespee for Product Owners

Giving Product Owners control and visibility over the full buyer journey

Connect people wanting to buy with people wanting to sell via any channel. Maintain full control and visibility over every step in the buyer journey for any business model.
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Freespee for Product Owners

See every buyer interaction, understand every step in every sale - even phone calls

Show your sellers and sales teams where their leads are coming from, which marketing campaigns are driving revenue and where buyers are encountering friction with their offers. You can also use Freespee Platform to give visibility over how they can plug revenue leakage and to prove the value you are giving them.

Freespee for Product Owners

Make the most of every website visit, every message and every call

Prioritise 'hot' leads, recover abandoned calls, nudge buyers at the right time, schedule callbacks, monitor sales follow-ups and manage all leads.
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Freespee for Product Owners

Trust & Security

Reassure your customers that their privacy is fully protected, shield individuals from nuisance calls at unwanted times and block fraudsters and scammers.

Freespee for Product Owners

Technology your way

You don’t need a large developer team to build powerful online products and apps. Freespee Platform is a robust, scalable, secure, online platform with prebuilt workflows and integrations ready to use 'out-of-the-box'. Freespee API and Freespee Mobile SDK are designed to allow rich, efficient integration, minimising developer time.

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