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Freespee for: Real Estate

In the diverse and hyper-competitive landscape that is the real estate market, customer interactions are often fragmented and ongoing. Get them under control and improve your lead management.

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Freespee For: Real Estate

Benefit from visibility across all buyer touchpoints

It is hard to prioritise multiple leads across a disperse agent network based on very little context. Missing high-value calls means a dent in ROI, but how do you separate high-value calls from warm leads to mere early-stage speculative ones?

Freespee Platform tackles this with detailed profiles for each consumer and follow-up appointments before and after the visit so that both head offices and agents can better manage leads and never miss a golden opportunity again.

Freespee for: Real Estate

Trigger notifications

Send a follow up SMS to prospects if a call is missed during the work day or after hours, allow the caller to reschedule a new call time quickly and easily.
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Freespee for: Real Estate

Route calls

Use contextual data to segment and route calls, prioritising calls from multiple channels. Send prospects to the right agents based on visitor profiles including relevant details created in real time.

Freespee For: Real Estate

Track agent performance

Have greater access to the offline phase of a consumer’s journey by pushing data reports to HQ via a personalised dashboard. Ensure every lead is followed up.

Freespee for: Real Estate


Send morning coffee reports straight to your agents' inbox showing up-to-date stats including best performing advertisements and most viewed properties.

Why choose Freespee to improve lead management across multiple agencies?

Increase data potential

Freespee is easy to integrate and adapt to your existing CRM stack, helping to up the value of existing data and discover even more opportunities.

Quick & easy implemention

Freespee can be implemented in hours, rather than weeks. This saves time and money on development costs.

No hidden costs

Our pricing is clearly outlined up-front, with no additional charges further down the line. We scale as naturally as you do.

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